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The food we eat can have a profound impact on how our body functions.

Wisely chosen, it provides us not only with the raw materials to produce energy; it also helps repair, heal and regenerate new cells and tissues, and is essential for various biological activities.


  • One-to-one consultations
  • Online consultations
  • Personal shopping advisor
  • Cooking workshops
  • Meal planning
  • Kids clubs/camps
  • School visits

Nutritional Therapy is a holistic approach which helps to identify the root cause of many imbalances including:

  • Digestive problems (bloating, constipation, IBS, IBD, food intolerance)
  • Hormonal Imbalances/Women’s Health (infertility, PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis, Menopause, thrush)
  • Skin Conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea)
  • Mental Health & General wellbeing (low mood, anxiety, fatigue, poor concentration)
  • Autoimmune Disease (Chronic fatigue/inflammation, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis)

My nutritional guardian angel


I first heard about Audrey through a friend of mine – she was my nutritional guardian angel, who appeared by magic just at the right time! My diet and eating habits were something I’d been meaning to address for a while, and by a while, I mean years…time ticked by, health issues and niggles persisted, but I just couldn’t stare the problem in the face and take action. Until Audrey came along! She takes the time to create a detailed profile of your health and habits, and more importantly, she takes time….time to listen, and time to question…without judgement. Together we embarked on a series of sessions which took a holistic approach to tackling my nutritional health. Small changes, easy recipes, altering habits…everything made sense, and everything was so do-able. Working with Audrey has transformed how I feel about food and the choices I make in my diet and lifestyle choices. If your looking for long-lasting impact and an holistic approach that blends the science of nutrition with the principles of well-being, then Audrey can be your guardian angel too!

Sarah Brown

Working with Audrey was such an eye-opener!

Meticulous, highly knowledgeable and entirely approachable, Audrey understands how food impacts your body at a scientific level and can help you on a path of discovery, recovery and well-being. You wouldn’t necessarily think that learning about making healthy and nutritious choices would be fun, but with Audrey’s ability to share her uplifting attitude to life.. and food, you will be surprised to find out it is!

Lisa Hall

Great Kimchi workshop

Thanks Audrey for your wonderful workshop today on fermented food. We prepared our own fermentation paste and prepped the veg, selected delicious spices and made our first Kimchi, like a Korean cousin to sauerkraut. We tasted fermented foods from different stages of fermentation, all delicious. I’m excited to nurse and burp my own jars over the coming weeks and can’t wait to taste them. Lovely to meet the other two ladies as well. I learned so much from this session and really enjoyed tasting new foods and meeting new people in your warm and welcoming home. It’s a bonus that fermented foods have such abundant health benefits. Loved it and can’t wait for next time.

Majella Cunnane

Shopping tour in Den Haag

As a new arrival in The Hague Audrey’s food tour of the city has been invaluable. Getting an insiders perspective on where to procure all the supplies I may need to provide a healthy larder helps set me one on the right track.

We toured around the local neighbourhoods as well as venturing in to explore Chinatown stores and much in-between. Apart from the practical orientation around the many different local shops, real value is added in being able to pick Audrey’s brains about how to put different ingredients together in different ways is super helpful for someone like me who has historically had quite a limited repertoire of recipes.
A really useful and enjoyable afternoon was spent getting to know The Hague. Whether a new arrival like myself or looking to explore alternative ways to approach food in the city I would highly recommend this tour.


Thanks Audrey!

I have been feeling overweight and have been diagnosed with PCOS when I started to see Audrey. Through 4 months of consultation with Audrey, I was able to change my eating habits and lifestyle in general. I really liked her holistic approach, going deep to understand my eating and life habits. Also Audrey is able to break down a task as big as lifestyle change into workable actions to ensure small goals are achieved. After first session, I was already equipped with ways to control my blood sugar level. I got all positive results back from my doctor now and I feel like I am able to continue the new eating habits. Highly recommend Audrey!


“Audrey is a great professional”

Audrey is a great professional with a lot of knowledge about how our body works and how everything we eat, drink, do, affects each system of the human body. She can pass to someone the knowledge and wisdom about her subject of expertise by breaking it down to comprehensive pieces. The fact that her advice comes from a holistic understanding of the concept “nutrition and other body funtions” makes it unique to work with her. I would strongly recommend Audrey to anyone who would like to see the topic of nutrition from a different, guilt-free angle! Thank you Audrey for this great journey! …. ‘Athena Stou’

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

I approached Audrey for help when I was having a lot of intense menopausal symptoms that were very distracting and uncomfortable. I was trying to manage them myself, but wasn’t getting anywhere. Audrey took a good look at my medical history and diet and gave me excellent advice on what I could do to help lessen my symptoms and generally feel better. The thing that impressed me the most was the long list of foods I should and could be eating, which was far longer than the list of foods that I should try to stay away from. She included recipes, meal ideas and specific foods as well as supplements, for the things I needed help with most. When I had questions later about other issues, I received more ideas and more information to help me through. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating: I do feel better when I’m eating more of these foods, using the supplements, plus exercising, and meditating. I highly recommend Audrey’s expertise!

Nancy Mayer

Fantastic online Workshop!

After sitting down to a feast with the group and enjoying the food we had cooked together this evening, I just wanted to send my thanks to Audrey Dickinson for such a fabulous cooking workshop! The flavours were delicious and I really saw the benefit of cooking in my own home with your direction. It gives me much more confidence to repeat the recipes on my own (even the aubergine BBQ’ing on my stove!). It was lovely to chat with everyone on the course too – old friends and new! Thank you Audrey for offering something different in these unusual times, and for sharing your knowledge on how these foods benefit our health!

Lisa Hall

Audrey is a professional that sees you like a person

Audrey is a professional that sees you like a person indeed and not like a patient. I’m very glad to have found her. I suffer of migraine, Hashimoto Thyroiditis and I can’t get pregnant again. I wanted to find the base problem and fix It. It’s is the first time in 20 years (the time that I’m fighting with my health issues) that somebody cares about me, and tries to find out what is really going on. She cares very much about your health and she really listens to your complains. In every appointment she has everything prepared for you. She is always willing to help you, she provides a lot of information about your health situation. She is very dedicated and generous. She shares with you recipes on how you can improve your diet with a lot of new ideas. Not only does she care about you physical issues, but also she is aware about your feelings, because she sees our body as a whole. My symptoms have improved a lot! I still have migraine, but every month they last less, and the pain don’t stop my life. I believe that if I continue with my nutritional coaching my body is going to get better.
I tried everything in the past and now I can see that this is working, we know what is working bad in my body and we are trying to fix it, it will take time.

Mariana Pierola

Mariana Pierola

Help with our daughter’s digestive issues.

We came to see Audrey for help with our daughter’s digestive issues. From the very beginning of our contact with her, she was supportive, friendly and quickly built trust and rapport with us. She has guided us on a nutritional coaching journey over the last 18 months, to resolve our daughter’s digestive issues. Audrey supported us every step of the way, with clear plans, advice and practical suggestions. It was incredibly easy to communicate with Audrey, both via email, in person or digitally. She is instantly likeable, with a naturally warm and nurturing nature. Because of this, Audrey made me feel comfortable talking about health issues from my very first contact with her. It was clear that she had a good understanding of my issues, as she asked me lots of great follow-up questions, and offered many practical tips that I could incorporate into my daily health & nutritional routine.

My daughter’s symptoms definitely improved, and even disappeared, over the course of nutritional coaching. She has now been symptom-free for several months, and hopefully we can keep it that way by continuing to follow Audrey’s advice and recommendations.
We are so grateful for her help and highly recommend her excellent service.

How to improve hormones with nutrition

After a few months of working with Audrey I feel so much better and have learned a lot more about nutrition and how to take care of my body. My initial problems were with my hormones and I was interested in how to improve hormones with nutrition.I felt that Audrey took the time to listen to me and asked a lot of questions.I liked that she made notes and referred to what we discussed. I lost some weight, experienced the benefit of eating more coloured vegetables and adding protein to my meals and also the supplements are helping.

Audrey is a wonderful person with a lot of knowledge, passion and dedication.